Welcome to 702 Archery!

Have you ever had the desire to shoot like Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen or the Green Arrow?  Compete in local, national, international competitions and/or the Olympics? Or have you just wanted to relieve some stress by learning how to use the ancient weapon of the Bow and Arrow? Do you live in or will be visiting the Las Vegas area?  If so, become a Toxophilite (addict of Archery) with us at 702 Archery.

We provide both group and personal archery lessons in the Las Vegas area, for both Recurve and Compound Bows, to people of all skill levels, ages 8 and up, by appointment.

For more information contact us:

Email: info@702Archery.com

Phone: 702-527-1127

Note: We do not have a retail shop location.  For all Lessons, Classes and Events, we will meet you at the Clark County Archery Range at the Silver Bowl Park located behind UNLV’s Sam Boyd Stadium.